Programs & Services 

The agency’s educational activities include direct support to students living with a brain injury, as well as educational activities promoting brain injury awareness and prevention.

We provide skilled staff that can assist students with school re-integration, including tutoring and seeking access to higher education, such as college. We also provide support with family and peer relationship issues that may arise, such as anger management.

Educational Presentations 

Every year, we attend several school and community events and make formal presentations to elementary and secondary school classes.  These presentations include:

  • Grade 2 – Bikes, Boards and Blades about safety in high-risk activities
  • Grade 8 – Concussions
  • Grades 11/12 – Risks and Outcomes of a Brain Injury
  • Grades 11/12 – The Brain and its Functions

The agency also does presentations to staff teams about working with people with a brain injury.   Contact us for further information.

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