Brain Injury Services / Step Up! ABI Recovery is unique in its ability to provide seamless, integrated rehabilitation programming that can accommodate any level of brain injury from mild to catastrophic. All residences provide 24-hour, seven-days-a-week care. Different homes provide different types and levels of programming and clients are admitted after an assessment by our staff as to which home is most appropriate to meeting the client’s needs. Each client receives his or her own, individualized rehabilitation plan, with specific goals and milestones incorporated. The client’s aspirations, as well as needs, are considered in formation of the rehabilitation plan. Clients can transition from home to home as they improve.

For example, it is possible for a client to start in a high-needs, complex care home, progress to a significant-care home as their independence increases, then move to one of our semi-independent-living apartments and then eventually find accommodation in the community-at-large with ongoing support from our Outreach Services team. Alternatively, clients can be placed anywhere along that continuum of care, depending on their individual situation, and may skip certain steps in the residential chain noted above if their recovery is more rapid. Our staff’s initial assessment of the client determines which residential facility and program is the best starting point. All homes are fully accessible, with the exception of the Transitional Living Services apartments.

Cathy Wever Place

High-needs, complex-care home (Vineland)

Located in Vineland, Ontario, on sprawling, peaceful acreage, Cathy Wever Place provides the benefits of the country while maintaining easy access to community and emergency assistance. The residence provides intensive support services for individuals with complex behavioural, cognitive and/or physical needs. The facility has appropriate staffing for the client to meet their needs.This is a lock-down facility capable of accommodating very challenging behaviours, such as aggression and flight.

Campden Heights

High-needs, complex-care home (Vineland)

Campden Heights is the sister facility of Cathy Wever Place and is located immediately adjacent to it. The home shares the same pastoral setting as Cathy Wever Place and provides the same intensive support and services.

Elmhurst Place

Significant-needs home (Hamilton)

Elmhurst Place is located in an upscale neighbourhood on east Hamilton Mountain. The home provides support for clients with significant behavioural, cognitive and/or physical issues. A high staff/client ratio facilitates community integration, access to group services and meaningful activity.

John Reesor Centre

Significant-needs home (Hamilton)

The John Reesor Centre is conveniently located in an established neighbourhood in West Hamilton. The home provides the same support and services as Elmhurst Place. (Please note that the John Reesor Centre is the only agency residential facility that does not offer fee-for-service beds through our Step Up! ABI Recovery division.)

Ravenda Place

Significant-needs home (St. Catharines)

Ravenda Place is located in central St. Catharines and offers the same support and services as our two Hamilton homes.

Kenny House

Significant-needs home (St. Catharines)

The layout of Kenny House is duplicate to Ravenda Place and is located in a different residential area of St. Catharines. The home offers the same support and services as Ravenda Place and our two Hamilton homes.

Transitional Living Service

Semi-independent, assisted living (Hamilton)

The Transitional Living Service offers apartments for individuals who are semi-independent and wish to improve their independent living skills in order to eventually move back into the community-at-large. The agency has 12 one-bedroom apartments for clients in a high-rise building in central Hamilton with ready access to transit, community conveniences and group services at our main office. With daily rehabilitation programming and 24-hour access to on-duty night staff, clients learn to maintain their homes, prepare meals, manage their personal finances and address any other issues that would hamper them in living independently.
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